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flowersThe Tanoan Community East Association is one of the premier residential communities in Albuquerque, New Mexico. We are located in Albuquerque’s far northeast heights north of Academy Road and east of Eubank Boulevard. Our community consists of 601 homes in seven individual neighborhoods built around the Tanoan Country Club and golf course. While the Tanoan Country Club is an entirely separate entity from our homeowners association, our residents enjoy the benefits of having the open spaces and beautiful views of this fine golfing facility within our midst.

Tanoan Community East Association is a separate entity from the Tanoan Community Association (the homeowners association to the west of Eubank) and from the Tanoan Country Club. If you need information about either of these other organizations, please consult their website. Tanoan Community East consists of the homes east of Eubank.


Tanoan East is a private homeowners association with controlled access. Its covenants and restrictions are designed to maintain the high quality of life and the high real estate values our homeowners have come to expect.

This website is designed to provide up-to-date information and reference material regarding the homeowners association. You can access governing documents, download forms, and obtain contact information regarding the Association’s management. Current and archived newsletters are also available on this website.

Message from the President

President’s Message (Oct/Nov 2015)

Summer is over and our TCE HOA community remains in very good shape. In this newsletter I want to address several general issues raised by homeowners during the Annual Meeting of the General Membership in June 2015.

Collections: TCE only has a couple of delinquent accounts. One homeowner is cooperating with the Board and has agreed to a payment plan. The Board is continuing its legal proceedings against the largest delinquent account. A summary judgment in TCE’s favor has been issued. Liens have been filed. The homeowner has filed an appeal. Meanwhile, our lawyer is proceeding to collect information on what is available for collection from the homeowner.

Speeding: You may have experienced the new speed bump near the Lowell Gate. It was installed in response to concerns raised by parents and residents near Lowell. Speeding continues to be one of our biggest concerns in TCE. We have children playing and going to school and adults walking and bike riding throughout our community. They deserve to be safe. No one likes speed bumps, but it seems this is the only way to control speeders. Please remember the speed limit is 20 mph in all of TCE and if possible give the walkers and children room as you pass them. Thanks.

Crime Statistics for crimes reported in our community can be found at www.crimemapping.com. Click and drag the city map to our area and expand it to just include TCE. You can change the dates for any desired time frame. The last time I looked, from January 1 to September 9, it showed one burglary and three theft/larceny reports in TCE. Thanks to the gate control and hourly drive arounds of our Community Patrol and vigilant homeowners, TCE remains one of the safest areas in Albuquerque.

Barking Dogs can be problems. TCE defers to the city with regard to animal control issues. Dog owners need to be aware that if their dog barks continuously for more than 10 minutes the city defines the barking excessive and deems your dog a nuisance. Barking dogs can be reported to Albuquerque’s 311 number. Our new web site also has a link that shows you how to file a complaint on line. We encourage neighbors to work together to resolve to resolve any dog-related issues. Please be considerate to your neighbors.

Landscape Committee: I want to personally thank the Landscape Committee members
for all the improvements they have made to our community over the summer. Some of the community signs have been refurbished and several common areas have been improved with new plantings and landscaping. This committee’s ongoing activity has definitely improved the beauty of our community.

Vandalism: Now that summer is over, I am pleased to state that this summer showed a remarkable decrease in damage to TCE property. Only one case of minor graffiti was reported. This is a positive reflection on our community.

Board Member: One Board Member’s term that expired in June 2015 has not been filled and several other Members’ terms expire in June 2016. If you have any interest in serving your community as a Board Member please contact Austin McFall at 338-0000 or by e-mail at AMcFall@HOAMCO.com for more information.

Don Mullen, President

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